Friday, July 18, 2008

quick, make a post!

Our internet has been being so funky lately. We just use an open wireless network, which has always been pretty fast and available. This last week it just started not working in the evening until like 8am.. today it started working around 9am and then 5 minutes later it stopped again until just now. So now I am going quick to make my post in case it stops again.
Well the nf medi bread FINALLY finished dehydrating, and really there are still a few pieces that could use a little more time and I am keeping them in the fridge so they wont get bad.
Mind you, this is after over 30 hours of dehydration.
So far these are my thoughts..
I had a piece still warm, straight out of the dehydrator, and I put cashew mayo on it, and it was really good. The flavor was reminiscant of multi grain bread and the texture was smooth and bread like. I had another piece with nothing on it and I wasn't too impressed. The recipe called for it to be spread on two paraflexx sheets. I really think it could have been three. It would have taken less time to dehydrate and not have been as expensive per piece. The other thing is for all the ingredients in it you would expect it to be very flavorful, and its actually a bit bland.
It isn't a BAD bread, and the taste and texture being kinda multi grain bread like is cool. If I WERE to make this expensive, pain in the ass bread, again I would add 2 dates and some salt. That might pump it up a bit and enhance the bread like flavor it already kinda has.

We got our SPUD order yesterday and I wanted to show how I usually prepare my greens. I prep them the the night we get them as long as I am not too tired, and store them in a bin the width of my fridge so I can easily grab them out for my (2) daily salad (s) ;)

I just lay some paper towel on the bottom to absorb any moisture and make it easy to clean out the bin.


HiHoRosie said... the bread is just so-so really. Well, that's good to know. I still might make it one day but I have to be careful with that buckwheat! I'm not at sprouting sometimes!

And great idea with storage of greens. I usually use those green bags and include a paper towel to absorb extra moisture. Seems to help. It's just great in general if most of the prep/wash is done ahead of time.

Hey, where's our sunshine today? Thought this stuff was supposed to burn off?

2 Raw Sisters said...

Good to know about the bread. I was thinking about making it but 30 hours damn thats a long time.