Monday, July 14, 2008

Ice Cream is my new Calling

Today I had a pretty successful Shopping and Ice Cream day. If successful shopping means I got a bunch of great stuff then yes, I succeeded. If it means I spent WAY too much money, then I also succeeded. Thanks to Heidi at HiHo Rosie's Place I bought two jars of Bubbies pickles today. YES! they are RAW! I got some hummus (livin spoonfuls) and some raw green olives... I got some ingredient type things too, that was just all the premades.
So for my food prep today I made Three Ice Creams and have some Corn Chips in the dehydrator. I plan on making some bread before the weekend is up for me, but I am just trying to decide on a recipe. Anyone have any good sandwich bread recommendations?
The Ice Cream went well and I think I almost have the non-machette method of opening young coconuts down. I made a base of Vanilla Coconut Ice Cream and just added in other ingredients to change the flavors. Here are my results:

RAW Chocolate Crunch: Dark Chocolate Ice Cream with Cacao Nibs and Coconut Chips
The Chips were more like Shards, because I decided to just spread out a layer of coconut butter on my silpat, freeze it, and break it into pieces, instead of trying to make chips... The house was to hot to get chips to happen. This is a tiny bit bitter which I think is a nice juxtaposition with the creaminess and the sweet coconut shards.

Raspberry Lime: A mix between Ice Cream and Sorbet... Bonus Whole Raspberry Bits
This one is very good. A little creamier than a sorbet, but not quite an ice CREAM. Pleasently tart.

Oh! RAWnge Creamcicle: A creamy orange sherbert with ribbons of vanilla ice cream throughout
Next time I would sweeten my orange ice cream a little more and maybe up the amount of Vanilla I mixed in. It has a nice flavor but could be sweeter AND creamier...

I love ice cream...


HiHoRosie said...

Ooh, thanks for the shout out! How are those pickles? Aren't they soooo good? I need to pick up some more myself.

I'm about to make these chips. I love corn chips!

HiHoRosie said...

Oh and the ice cream? WOO HOO! Looks so d-lish! I'm not into raspberry so I'll pass on that one but the other two, yeah, I'd snarf 'em!

Aimee said...

mmm. i am curious how you made this, with an ice cream maker? I have a suggestion of a sorbet flavor: mango lime.