Sunday, July 13, 2008

Kale Chips

So I think they were great... only, I ate about half of them before they could even dry! I think this is the closest thing to potato chips I have had since being raw. I used
1 bunch of lattice kale
2-3 T olive oil
some probably not raw spices: a non salt seasoning mix, pepper, a little salt, a little chilli powder, cumin...

De-stem the kale and cut it into chip size pieces, mix up the sauce (oil and spices) in a mixing bowl and throw the kale in and toss it up well. Try to coat every leaf in the sauce. Lay it out on your dehydrator and let it dry at 104 degrees (ish) for 4-5 hours. These chips turned out flakey-crunchy and salty-oil. Good Combos. I think it would be good with nutritional yeast. Be careful though. I ate them all myself in about 10 minutes. An entire head of kale. I did not win the late night battle with the snacks last night :(


HiHoRosie said...

One of these days...seems everyone raves about kale chips. Another must try for me. I will have to make these when the kale we're growing is grown in. :)

HiHoRosie said...

Even tho' I haven't made the kale chips I hear ya about not having enough. The same thing happens to me when I make zucchini chips. I'll have tons of trays filled but by the time they're ready they've shriveled up so small that you can't help but eat a whole tray in on sitting and then there's hardly any left. :( I'll keep in mind about the kale though and have several bunches on hand to make chips with. hee hee!