Friday, October 3, 2008

busy bee

I cannot believe how hectic life has become. One minute I am thinking, "oh just one more week and things will be back to normal", next thing you know INSANITY. People quitting left and right at work and my trusty co manager got a parasite in Nicaragua so he has been SO sick. Poor guy.
I treated myself to a refurbished IPOD shuffle.
I had no idea it would be so cute and tiny. Keep in mind that my hand is the size of a 7 year olds so it is even smaller than it looks. Yesterday I had to drive all over to fedex and to meet a driver because apple got my shipping address wrong and fedex couldn't deliver. Also Apple has an intense theft prevention policy where fedex CAN NOT change the address. It has to get sent back to apple and they have to resend it. So to prevent that I had to intercept the driver with the tracking number and my ID. Luckily I got my little friend. Some of you, the cooler ones ;) will understand my exclamation of "What is THIS?! A pod for ants?!!" when I first saw it. (Zoolander anyone?!)
Today my "pod for ants" and I went for a run around the lake and I listened to harry potter book on ipod to keep my brain occupied.
It has been tough getting my runs in and eating enough food with work being so intense. I am down two pounds, not in a good way. I shouldn't complain... My poor parasite ridden coworker has lost 22 pounds! I took a whole bunch of days for him so he could stay home and rest up until the doctor confirms the stool sample and will treat him. So only one day off in my future.
In other news I am getting gears for my bike. I am converting it from a single to a four speed, well my good friend is helping me, as I really don't know shit about putting gears and a derailleur on a bike. I want to go faster. I also have been thinking about training for a brick or triathlon, with pressure from my superstar (new) athlete friend stacey
I have no good food stories this week as I have no food. I did get my spud order so I have fruit, but I won't get a chance to grocery shop for a bit.
Smoothie of the day:
1 banana, 1 orange (both peeled) and 1/2 c blueberries
plus 2 T hemp protein
Blueberry Juleus