Wednesday, July 16, 2008

you know... lot's of stuff...

The Taquitos turned out pretty good... I used THE jalapeno corn chip recipe and just made up my own filling using a variation on my taco meat mish mash. I have just been dipping in salsa and guac... but rosie, that cheeze sounded tasty.

Here they are before I ate them ;) I did figure out why I felt so off yesterday... ladies you should have know. The CRIMSON TIDE... duh sara, obviously. Hmmm I feel crappy and bloated, I don't even want to eat... HELLO? It has only happened about 210 times in my life so far. Am I out of eggs yet? Seriously!

The onion bread= simple, low in cost, delicious! Like really delicious... It made 19 (small) hand sized squares. I made it from the recipe in the Sunny Raw Kitchen New Recipe EBOOK, which I recommend buying, but you can find the recipe all over the place. I made it as written except I used 2 onions instead of three, processed 1.5 with half an apple until smooth, and sliced the remainder super thin... I also only used about 2/3 the amount of brags called for. I made two open face sammies with it today and it was the BEST.
This is the view from my apartment, just wanted to show the non pacific northwesters what beautiful weather we have been having... I feel so lucky! If you strain your eyes you might be able to see mt. Rainer out in the distance... well you can see it really well in real life anyway.

So I started the nut free Mediterranean bread today... LET ME TELL YOU... It made 9 cups of batter... that's a lot. If you have a small food processor beware. I have a seven cup and it still wasn't big enough. Plus this is like a $1 per slice stack of bread. It better be good! Oh and the other thing... it seems you are supposed to spread it on just two paraflexx sheets. 4.5 cups of batter per sheet. It was probably a good 1/2 to 3/4 an inch thick. I hope it turns out well! Anyone made this bread before? Is that normal?

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HiHoRosie said...

I'm counting on you to tell me about the nut free medi bread, b/c mine didn't turn out the first time. :( But it was my own fault not the recipe. And yes, it does make a lot of batter!!!!!!!!! I know from experience on the almond medi bread. I have to make it in batches.

Mmm...taquitos....we just had Mexican pizzas with "meat" or what i like to call "beans." I use the RFRW recipe but since I tweak it so much I think I'll post my version and give Sarma props for the inspiration. You know the one I was suppose to email you? :)

I will be buying Carmella's book. She makes the most incredible stuff I'm floored every time. She is a culinary goddess and I have aspirations to be like her but unfortunately don't have the patience or time. ha ha!

And hey! I tried taking pics of Mt. Rainier today too. I got one. I'll have to post it. I always tell people we live in the most incredible place when the sun is shining. You can't beat it. Well, as far as I know. :)