Monday, July 21, 2008

not about food... wtf?!

Actually its about my rampant consumerism... but I am not really going to get down on myself about it today as I am excited about my purchases... haha. Plus they were purchased at the fremont farmers/craft market and a local independent shoe store. So I didn't do too bad.

First are these lovely breathable Sanuk summer shoes. They have a foam type bottom and a breathable canvas upper. Super comfy!

Next is the item of my dreams. A Fanny Pack/ Tool Belt/ Purse/ Wallet/ Dog Treat Holder in one!!! It rules. I wore it last night when i went downtown for my coworkers show and it gave me a strange sense of security. Walking on 3rd at 12am it is good to know your hands are free, you aren't carrying a purse or wallet or any tempting objects to steal, and you could run unencumbered if necessary. It is also perfect for me as I have a tendency to set things down (like my phone) and not pick them up again, and loose them.
I am sure I will post again soon as I am thinking about hitting up whole foods for some y(um)oung coconut


HiHoRosie said...

Great finds! You are one brave girl for walking alone on 3rd after dark! Now, hopefully you know some kudo moves! I like that you can hold some doggie treats in your utili-belt (not to be confused with the utili-kilt - ha ha!).

2 Raw Sisters said...

We really like the Harry Potter countdown!! We are huge Harry Potter Fans!! Love the vlog on sprouting too!!

Anonymous said...

Can you please give any info available about the fanny pack belt. Looks like exactly what I need. :) Ah, the freedom to be without a purse. LOL.

sarabethxvx said...

the "utilibelt" as rosie dubbed it, was purchased from a vendor at the fremont sunday market in seattle. I didn't even get a receipt for it so I don't know the vendor. So sorry I can't help more, it is totally exactly what I needed too!