Friday, July 25, 2008

An in...

Now that I know I have a reader from PCC natural markets I am going to start making subtle subconscious recommendations to get my way, and begin controlling the store.
1) Thanks for carrying really raw almonds, it makes my life much easier (subconscious message: now get raw cashews!)
2) I love all the organic produce! (sm: Get rid of that conventional stuff!!! especially the bell peppers I accidently bought last week thinking they were organic)
3) My birthday in in one month (sm: Make me a GIANT RAW birthday cake and drive it to my house!!!)

love, sarabeth


Aimee said...

your food always looks so good. i find myself thinking about it later in the day. :o)

HiHoRosie said...

LOL! I missed this post somehow. You're too funny!

And yes, please PCC, improve your bulk section (it's too small and doesn't have enough raw stuff to choose from). Don't make me keep driving out to WF.

badash said...

this made me laugh!!!

The stores near me hardly have any raw stuff. I'm going to try to ask....