Monday, July 28, 2008

Ice Cream for the world, and more

so today is ICE CREAM DAY!!! YAY!!! I had to set myself to a non food related task for a while because I was being a muncher today and I needed to STOP EATING for awhile. So I altered this tshirt I got at my work friends show last weekend. As always there were not any in my size, but that is just fine by me because it gives me a project.

A few people have been asking me about making ice cream lately so here is a little primer. This is a fairly INEXPENSIVE and LOW FAT way to make it. I have seen many recipes calling for HUGE amounts of cashews... While that may be delicious my bowels, wallet, and waistline may not approve. Here is the basic info:
Go to whole foods, or another store that has young coconut. Buy a few young coconuts. Open and drain the juice, scrape the meat and keep the two sepparate. Throw the meat in the blender, and for ever coconut worth of meat add one banana and one date. If you have vanilla bean or extract add that too. About a Tablespoon (extract equivalant) for every 2 coconuts. Then add a little of the water and blend the concoction. Add as much coconut water as you need to make it thick but creamy. You can use the extra juice in smoothies for the next day or two.
Thats for plain vanilla, one of my personal favorites. If you want a different flavor just add to the vanilla base
Now, the next part depends on what tool you are using to ice the cream, as it were.
If you have an ice cream maker:
Follow your ice cream makers instructions and you are golden.
If you are like me and have no ice cream maker, but you do have a champion juicer (or other masticating juicer), a vita mix, or a food processor:
Pour the cream into ice cube trays and allow to freeze solid. Once frozen you can feed the cubes through your juicer with the blind plate in, OR throw them into your processor or vita mix and let it rip.
If you have neither, thats ok! Here's an option:
Pour your cream into a shallow pan and set it in the freezer, every hour scrape the frozen stuff with a fork, mixing the iced part into the less frozen part until it is all frozen, then dump it into a bowl and stir it up real well until it is creamy.
Hope this helps!


HiHoRosie said...

Love the shirt! Very resourceful. Love the pink ribbon. :)

And thanks for the ice cream tips. Sounds super yummy. I'm surprised in our household have yet to make ice cream with coconut.

HiHoRosie said...

Oh that ebook Carmella put out? I haven't tried anything official from it yet but just having it in my hot little hands makes me excited. I say get it if you haven't. :)

HiHoRosie said...

Oh I know - hubby and I are always telling her we're just going to show up at her doorstep one day. Hers and Heathy's (Raw Goddess Heathy). Their both culinary goddesses and if I believed in reincarnation I'd come back as one of them. :) Well, at least beg for their skills.

2 Raw Sisters said...

The shirt looks great!! We haven't made ice cream yet but Shalee really wants too. I'm in the middle of moving so I haven't been around the computer much. I really want to get back to blogging. I haven't had any bread in like two mths and since I've had it ugg I feel bad.

Aimee said...

ok, what if you can't use banana (my husband is allergic)? I was going to just add more coconut.

HiHoRosie said...

We could totally meet up for a hike! Esp while the weather holds up, although today is a little chilly.