Thursday, July 31, 2008

Baking cookies

As many of my fellow seattlites are aware today is a serous bummer. The weather outside looks like january, much warmer of course, but much colder than it has been. It makes me want hot soup.
Not to mention I feel kinda funky today, not like in a good way. All day I have felt tired and my eyes are dry and I feel sore and unable to deal with any kind of effort or frustration. This led me to cutting out of work a little early today and coming home, putting on pajamas, and sitting on the couch. It's kinda funny because I realize thats how I spent a lot of my time home from work before raw. And I think winter may bring it back a bit, but eating raw food has totally changed my energy level.
Maybe I have some detox going on today or something???
Well I decided to work out my mood the same way I would have back on SAD VEGAN. Chocolate. Fat. and Sugar.
I am making cookies.
Hopefully raw cookies wont make me feel MORE tired and moody (but in an odd way better) than I was to start with, the way SAD VEGAN cookies do.
I will post pics and recipe later, if I don't feel so lazy and cranky. Plus they are still in the dehydrator.
Oh! and another bummer:
Tomorrow, Day 1 of the "100 Day Raw Food Challenge" I have to go to a coffee tasting and donut paring. Which means I will have to taste coffee with donuts. I haven't eaten ANY cane or processed sugar or cooked/refined grain in over 2 months. I am debating spitting like with wine, but am worried I may look like a freak. My other thought is really small tastes and LOTS OF WATER! Ugggh, what a way to kick things off.
:( I need cookies


2 Raw Sisters said...

I'd spite them out! Who cares what people think!

HiHoRosie said...

Yeah, if you can spit it out. The washing down with lots of water is good too. Bad timing.

Wasn't (well still is) the weather just gross today? It started out okay and the sumpin happen'd! Made for a very miserable commute.

Enjoy your cookies! You should try the raw chocolate chip cookies made with cashews - I blogged about it sometime ago, probably before SB started visiting. :) But you can find it on Carmella's blog. I believe in the June archive but it's a post titled chocolate chip cookies. So if you like the texture of cookie dough this is for you and seriously one of my favorite things. And you don't have to dehydrate. Just chill and eat or snarf the dough.

RawkYouLikeAHurricane said...

Hope you feel better! And that you enjoyed the raw cookies. I made my first ever chocolate banana smoothie with raw cocoa powder yesterday and I was very happy. I kept telling my husband "I made chocolate milk!"

Aimee (Bitt) said...

coffee tasting and donut pairing. i would have loved that last February. there is no proxy to send? your taste buds will be way off.

flourless cake? is that the one I mentioned. oh it is so easy, i will email you the recipe.

HiHoRosie said...

I forgot to mention as I was heading out of my office today I saw a girl dressed up in winter clothes. All black clothing and a knitted cap. She was just missing a scarf! I just thought only in Seattle in July would you see that. Oh and maybe Alaska. WTF?