Friday, August 22, 2008

treat night

So in the past friday night has traditionally been the night that I would get home from work, get in pajamas, sit on the couch, put on a movie, and order in vegan pizza so that I didn't have to go anywhere. Friday night was pizza night. Kinda like a special little ritual I had. Maybe because it is my wednesday and I am half way through the work week, but probably just because when you are a kid friday nights are TGIF and staying up late and eating pop corn and rootbeer floats. It is a celebration day, a symbol of two more whole days before you have to go back to school. Two days with no obligations but homework (which I never did anyway)... Well I know I am about to turn 27 and I have been dragging out the celebration of friday nights long past their pull date, but you know what?! I like it. It is called emotional eating and I am just fine with that. It makes me feel GOOD. At least now I am eating healthy raw foods instead of dead vegetables, over processed soy foods, and worst of all WHEAT! If I can have my cake and eat it too why not?
Speaking of cake, my birthday feast is taking shape... mmmm it's gonna be good.

For dinner tonight I made zucchini pasta with pesto (fresh zucchini, tomatos, and basil from the farmers market), garlic cheese bread, and a green salad (greens also garden fresh). It was delicious. It felt like a treat. Maybe I will have ice cream next. Believe it or not I haven't had ice cream ALL WEEK! Contrary to popular belief Ice cream isn't the ONLY THING I eat and talk about. Just one that makes me really excited! I made a whole bunch monday, but that is for my birthday so I haven't touched it. I have a tiny bit of vanilla left from last week that I will probably finish off tonight.


HiHoRosie said...

What??????? No ice cream ALL WEEK?!?!?! lol

Food looks fab! Zucchini pasta...yum. And garlic cheese bread? Now we're talkin.

And hey raw pizzas are the B.A.S. now for me. Sure not as convenient or fast as take out but man oh man is it good. :)

2 Raw Sisters said...

This looks so good whats on the garlic bread? We alsways had Dominos when I was a kid on Friday and then it was all the TGIF shows like Full House and Family Matters. I don't think your ever to old for a TGIF night.


chris ward said...

sara, that looks like the perfect friday night meal. those crimson tomatoes are really good!

and happy birthday! you better eat your greens today because it's all ice cream and cake tomorrow!

Aimee (Bitt) said...

chris had all the supplies laid out for me. he's so funny. vitamix! god for you.

happy birthday!!!!!

becoming whole said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! When is it...was it the actual day of this post?

Your dinner looks yum!

LolaBloom said...

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Vitamix!!!

Glad to be back and catching up with everyone. Thanks for the good thoughts while I wasn't feeling well. I'm almost 100%, definitely much better!