Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My haul

So yesterday I had the good fortune of visiting the RAW VEGAN SOURCE store in redmond. Holy shit.
That pretty much discribes it.
As you can see, I did some damage. I got so many super foods I should be able to fly by next week by my estimate. Probably have xray vision in a few weeks. Seriously though, out of control. So new things to try are mesquite powder, msm, cacao butter, raweos (which used to have honey but are now VEGAN!), purple corn, carob powder, hemp seeds... Also got a ton of raw nuts, some delicious greens fresh from the garden, gojis, olives, vanilla... mmm

It has been raining so hard today and a little cool... On my ride home from work the sky opened up and gave me a shower. The wettest ride I have had all year probably. It was kind of awesome and crappy all at once. Awesome to be out in it and be cleansed by the earth, not awesome to have wet pants rubbing against your skin every time you pedal.
I got home and made a cup of hot tea (not raw) and ate a raweo (tea and cookies, such comfort food) and alex fell asleep on the couch sitting up next to me.
Dont worry, that is a tattoo on his chest, not a massive clump of chest hair ;)


2 Raw Sisters said...

Wow look at all that stuff!


RawkYouLikeAHurricane said...

I love raweos, but I can only eat one at a time, they are SO intensely rich!

HiHoRosie said...

I'll have to try those raweos. I bet they're delicious! It's funny the day you went to RVS, Sam was there too. Anyway, it's hard to go there and not spend a lot. Esp raw cashews...mmmm...and agave....and cacao anything....and...olives....and many other good things....mmmm... :) You got a whole lotta stuff there! Looks great!

And yeah, that rain got me too. After I stepped off the bus to walk home I might as well have been taking a shower. I was soaked!

Valine said...

haha excellent - photos napping. lol

Congratulations on your new Vitamix! :o)

Happy Birthday too x

zUzU said...

=^..^= Oooo Raweos?
Is that what it sounds like?

(at first I thought of Cheerios ... then noted the tea and cookie reference... so I'm guessing something wonderful and chocolatey)

::sigh:: Rain, tea ... AND cookies.
You Lucky Duckling! --zU

badash said...

wow you got tons of stuff!

did you like the raweos? I did not like them at all when i tried them. But my brother and my cousin didn't mind them at all. It was weird.