Tuesday, August 26, 2008

birthday fun!

My birthday weekend has been great, I am sorry to see then end approaching :( I want to stay at home all day and just sit on the couch to try to stretch the time out as long as possible.
So my actual birthday was on sunday. I worked a few hours then came home and hung out with my friend carey and her pup bucky. Bucky is blanches best friend, although sometimes you would never know it the way blanche can bully him. Unfortunatly carey's car broke down when we were out running errands so our plans were shot. Its ok, a friend rescued us and buck and blanche came back to my house while carey went with her car and the tow truck to her parents house. Alex and I were planning on a date night and going to a movie but it was pouring down rain so we were flexable and opted to stay home and play board games together. <3
Monday I went with a group of old friends to wild waves and we did the speed version of the waterpark. Let's just say, it was wild. After that, I came home and was thrilled to find my new VITAMIX on my doorstep. YAY! I used it to make the whipcream portion of one of my birthday cakes. At 630 all my guests came over and we had a great time. It went really well. I always worry about mixing friend groups at parties as I am not a very good host and I have a hard time seeing to EVERYONES fun and needs, however everyone saw to their own fun and everyone was able to talk to others and feel comfortable so that was so comforting to me. All of the non raw foodies LOVED the desserts (or at least told me so) and overall all of my desserts were a success. Aimee and Chris brought a wonderful blackberry cheese cake and mint ice cream, and it was really fun to eat something I hadn't put together. Another friend looked up a raw recipe and brought a mango pudding which was very tasty also.

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This morning blanche and I went running and she was not feeling it. She kept stopping and trying to trip me. I felt something kind of roll or pop behind my knee, it felt like a ligament rolling over a tendon or something (I don't know if that is at all possible) . I iced it just incase, it feels a bit stiff, hopefully it won't be a lasting injury.


becoming whole said...

All your birthday goodies look lush! Glad to hear you had a fun Birthday weekend. You should streach it out. My husband always says his birthday is for the whole month! You should try that. : ]

I tried your ice cream this weekend and I didn't even come close to yours. But I will keep trying!

Thanks for all the inspiration.

Aimee (Bitt) said...

I am sorry you hurt your knee. Lay off of it for awhile.

Chris and I had a great time. I loved being able to eat everything on the table. And it was all dessert. It's been awhile since that's happened for me (perhaps not since I was 15??). So thanks!

chris ward said...

sorry you have to go to work tomorrow. if you were making raw donuts it probably wouldn't seem like work.

your friends are pretty cool. cooler than you at least.

and sucks about your knee! hope it feels better soon. i'm looking forward to some future bike rides...

sarabethxvx said...

Cooler than me huh? That's not saying much...

chris ward said...


oh, they're much cooler than me, too. apples to apples shows how uncool i really am. you, too, apparently!

HiHoRosie said...

Yikies about your knee! Hope it's okay.

My mom's philosophy on birthday's is the same as becoming whole's husband - it's for the whole month! So keep enjoying it!

Thanks SB for inviting Sam and I - we had a good time and it was fun eating lots of desserts! My personal faves were the German chocolate cake and Chris's mint ice cream. Oh and the chocolate ice cream too. :) I guess I loved them all.

And how incredibly sweet of your friend to look up a raw recipe and bring the pudding. That is so cool! Now that is support! I enjoyed that one too. It was gorgeous looking.

Love that game. We'll be buying one or requesting it for Christmas I think. ha ha!

Anyway, thanks again for the invite (felt like I was among the cool crowd, kinda like what Chris is saying) and I'm glad we were able to come.

Now I'll have to post my pics.

HiHoRosie said...

And please excuse the usual grammatical errors found in my comments. I'll never learn....I fail to proofread before submitting.

Anonymous said...

Happy late B-Day!!! Everything looks so good that so cool that one of your friends made a raw pudding for you!!! Take it easy on the leg.


HiHoRosie said...

Yes, feel free to steal the pics. Add them to your collection. :) I love the one of B sitting on the chair just waiting and salivating. Smart girl!

Isle Dance said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! :o)

yardsnacker said...

Yea, we had a blast at your crib. I like using words that are not in my demographic. It was off the hizook. OK I'll stop. Seriously, you were a fantastic host, making everyone feel welcome and you have some really cool friends. Thanks for the invite it was super fun!

Aimee (Bitt) said...

i think blanche was the coolest one there. but that's just me. oh and buckley too.

Anonymous said...

FYI my url for my blog got all messed up here is the correct one:



Raw Goddess said...

Im so glad I came across yor blog, just now, via Rosie's blog :)

Your birthday looked wonderful - I had a smile on my face while reading/looking at the pics, because I just had my bday last weekend and that "bday" feeling is still very fresh. I too, did a post on it, featuring cake (of course the best thing about a bday in my opinion, lol).
Anyway, now I will browse the rest of your blog :)

HiHoRosie said...

Wow! And I thought I was taking a long break from blogging! Where are you???????? We miss our SB! Hope you're doing well my dear!

And uh oh! Comments are being moderated! Hope that doesn't mean troubles for you.