Thursday, August 14, 2008

good run, bad dog

not my dog, she was an angel...
We have been running more regularly and we pretty much follow the same route. I map quested it so I know how far we go. I have been adding a block on every other run or so, gradually increasing our millage. Today was kinda a bummer. Blanche was lagging behind a bit. I don't know if she was tired or just wanted a chance to sniff around a bit. Well we were having an otherwise good run and she had picked up the pace a bit and this dog came out of his house with his mom, off leash of course, and saw us and ran down the stairs to attack blanche. On leash OF COURSE. The mom was yelling after him but he wouldn't stop. I tried to yell no at him and pull her away for a second hoping the mom would come grab him before they engaged, but the dog was biting at blanche so I had to let her loose. I couldn't try to pull her away while another dog was biting her. What a betrayal that would be. I had to let her fight back. Luckily the mom came soon and pulled "washoe" away, I pulled blanche away. Neither seemed to be hurt. It would take a pretty furious lab (which he was I guess, but not mad enough) to put a mark on blanche. She has skin thicker than an otter.
It was a bit upsetting though. You know the feeling after a traumatic even where the adrenaline leaves you and you start to cry? I almost had that. Definitely a little shaky. It's not as if this is my first dog fight. Many of the dogs I had growing up were dog aggressive, we did dog rescue and fostering and we would have dogs in and out of the house and the slightly more than occasional fight. I also taught dog obedience for a few years and saw and had to break up the occasional fight then... but I guess it's different when you have a pitbull. You are so worried about your dog being a good representative of the breed and so worried that if your dog hurt another dog, wether they started it or not, that your dog will be blamed and taken away from you and put to sleep. If someone tried to put blanche asleep we would go on the run. Like fugitives! Also I got a little taste of how blanche must feel... I understand better why she is fear aggressive with other dogs while on leash. We couldn't get away. This other dog was attacking us and ran at us, and he was free and we were stuck. She must feel defenseless and cornered :(

I am pretty bummed because she is 3 and I have had her since 4 months old and NEVER EVER let her get in a fight. I know she didn't start it but I have been working a long time to slowly diminish her aggressive response to other dogs and this may have permanently set us back. I am mad at the lady. I am sure she didn't intend for her dog to get in a fight this morning either but I expect more from someone who knows their dog is dog aggressive. NEVER let your dog outside offleash. Well really, if you don't know 100%, 1000% really that your dog will respond EVERY TIME you call his name he shouldn't be offleash outside by a road aggressive or not. What if they had gotten into the street and a car hit them?!
Anyway, I expect someone to be as responsible with their dog aggressive dog as I am with mine. This psychologicay damaged my dog. Now every time she sees a black dog approach her she is going to react with fear and aggression.
Ugh. Sorry to be dramatic, and post this bummer blog. I have just been working so long and diligently to prevent her from EVER getting in a fight and this was out of my control.


HiHoRosie said...

Ah, poor Blanche! I hope this doesn't set her back. That's the problem with aggressive dogs is the OWNERS. Sure, dogs and all animals have their instincts but so much of the aggression seen from domesticated pets is because of the owner's lack of responsibility. Of course, that's a blanket statement and not always the truth but more often than not a dog owner has not taken the steps to learn about their dog and how to be in control. The pack leader so Cesar says. :) I just feel bad for Blanche and dogs like her who really are good dogs but someone else had to ruin it all.

Aimee (Bitt) said...

I totally get it. We have been there with Sienna. She is a good girl but doesn't back down when she is provoked. Zuki can be the same too. I did not raise my babies to be bullies nor pushovers! Some people just don't get it. The prefer that their dog is aggressive because it makes them feel safe. I am all for leashes because of course the one time Zuki was off leash he got hit by a car. He is not the same now.
Sorry you had to deal with that.

Oh and yes I am away until the 26th but happy b-day in advance. And Chris will eat 2 portions ya know. ;-)

becoming whole said...

I really feel for you. My dog is really aggresive, BUT I DON'T TAKE HER AROUND OTHER PEOPLE OR DOGS, and I would never take her out off a leash. She is a French Mastiff. We got her when she was 1 year old and the people that had her before us didn't socialize her. It is very improtant that her breed be socialized big time, very early. We didn't know she was aggresive because she loved us from the start and they didn't tell us. I wish you lived near, maybe you could help us with her. I am forced to keep her away from others because I don't have the money to get the help we need. She is a sweetheart with us. She has a total Dr.Jekel and Mr.Hyde thing going on. I totally get the fear of her being labled or put down just because she is a pit. People always think our Z is a pit too, and one time the meter reader guy started a lot of trouble with her because of that. I was so scared I was going to have to move. I was forced to give her a rabies shot. (but I treated her with herbs and mushrooms from her holistic vet to conter act the damage)I am careful. I would hate for our ZeeBee to be put down over an accident.

Please give Blanche lots of love for me. I hope you are feeling better.

Valine said...

Ah babe this is horrible!! Poor Blanche!! Glad you feel better about it today (and that Blanche seems not too bothered and more interested in sleep! ;o)