Friday, August 15, 2008

friday night lights

Got these new shoes today which will make it totally safe to run in the evenings being that the neon colors will reflect car headlights and keep me from getting hit. At least thats my theory. Having a white dog probably does the same thing. I usually get all my shoes from the sneakery a local woman owned shoe shop by my house... with a cool name... and lots of vegan shoes... but I wore through my old pair of tigers and wanted more just like em. Except a new color. I got them online through zappos and since I was already SURE what size I needed I didn't worry like I would normally if I were ordering shoes or clothes online. They came the next day. Gotta love zappos overnight service with no extra charge. Now I just have to figure out in any of my clothes actually match these shoes. Maybe I will just go naked, they look great with my tattoos ;)
My dad is gonna be blazing through town tonight with some other family members and we are gonna get some dinner. He is at the tail end of a 3 week motorcycle road trip and is stopping here on his way home to ellensburg. No, I am not from ellensburg, don't worry. We are going to a burrito place so my plan is to bring a giant "taco"esque salad and maybe if we eat on the patio they wont notice. Or maybe they wont say anything with my gigantic dad and 6 ft tall uncle there... I mean, bikers are supposed to be scary, right? I will get a family picture.


HiHoRosie said...

Oh I so want to see a pic! With how tiny you are and how tall they are what a great photo that will be.

Love the new sneaks. Super cute! You gotta look stylish while running....and safe. :)

rebeccaj said...

hey girl! just got a quick catch up on all your goings on! i'm so sorry about poor blanche getting attacked. one of my friends here is into pit rescue, i'm going to send her the link to your blog. she had 2 pit mixes that were totally aggressive and went to "doggie jail" a few times - they weren't so much dog aggro as cat aggro, but they fought back against anything they perceived as a threat. the alpha died last year, so now the other dog is just this sweet, docile old man! he's a love bug. she adopted 2 pit pups last spring, who were from an overcrowded kennel with too few people, so both of these dogs were very pack-minded and it's taken lisa a long time to convince them that she's their alpha. mr. crowley (yes, from the song) was so fear aggro when she got him - someone had just opened fire with a gun into the rescue kennel's backyard, killing one of the dogs! - it's been a long haul with him. both pups are super-duper sweet and extremely people shy, but they love small dogs and cats (i always joke that they love them with bbq sauce!), and they are so protective of lisa, they don't like it when her boyfriend is home!

anyway, she'll be a sucker for your pix of blanche, who's such a pretty girl!

and i'm so impressed with all you do. you're such an artist. your food is always so beautiful! and you've got way more patience than i do! you eat peaches by making them into a beautiful pie filling. i eat peaches standing over the sink in my underwear! lol!

have a spectacular and gorgeous weekend. i think your hair is adorable and i can't wait to see it curly - i think that will look great with your sweet face and tough tats. i love contrasts.

oh- did you do the artwork for any of your tattoos?

and we'll have a bi-coastal date for HP6 movie! i'm a geek too, tho i don't do any of the fansites, i just love the books!

ciao bella!!!

Aimee (Bitt) said...

oh man i love those shoes! a vegan place with shoes? i gotta go. i hope your visit with your dad is going well. love the family pic!

becoming whole said...

Where did you get the shoes? Love them!