Thursday, August 14, 2008

The end of a long day...

Thanks for your kind words about the "incident" this morning. I was clearly more bothered by it than blanche as she promptly rolled over onto her back and fell asleep after our run. Dogs are amazing.
Work was long, and hot, and only my Tuesday. Tomorrow should seem like a slightly shorter day as I have (dun dun dun!) another coffee tasting. So donuts and coffee tasting (and spitting out) for me tomorrow. Even with swallowing very little of the stuff I felt like I was buzzing last time after we were done. It will go fine though. I was so worried last time and it really wasn't a big deal. Well the coffee tasting will take up a good portion of my morning and then I have a ton of stuff to do around the bakery. I think the only reason today seemed so long was because I had to stay til 5pm and I am normally of by 4pm these days so my routine was different.
I made a yummy dinner tonight to make me feel rewarded for my hard work. Lasagna and a salad. I didn't have any cheese, which was fine because frankly I have had way too many nuts lately... and a little bit more fat than my body can handle as well. For the next few days I am trying to lay off the denser fats (nuts, seed butters, coconut butter gasp!!!) I can feel that for me nuts are not my best friend. A little on occasion seem to be ok, but if I am eating them everyday I start feeling bloaty and my skin begins to get a little itchy (candida anyone?). Seeds seem to be a little better, especially if I am getting lots and lots of greens. I should probably pay a little more attention to food combining but I gotta say fruit+fat=love.

I think I shall retire to bed with the dog and a book. The mountain was looking especially beautiful last night so I took this photo for everyone to see how lucky I am to live where I do. Alex went with friends to western Washington to the hoh rainforest. I am anxious to see what he thought since he hasn't spent much time in the dense woods being a socal native. Click on the photo for a better look :)


chris ward said...

great photo. the mountain doesn't look so imposing there, as it usually does from seattle. hmmm.

i've been eating a lot of chia lately. for a seed, it has much less fat than the others. we made chia-sesame bread the other day that turned out really well. the texture was perfect. pretty amazing little seed.

i'm sure the lasagna was tasty!

HiHoRosie said...

Love the pics - food looks d-lish and the mtn is gorgeous.

Glad things are on the up and up with Blanche - great pics of her too. She looks like she's so loved!

We haven't had coconut butter in awhile - we were going thru that like crazy! It's so good though! Nuts too...esp cashews. Oh well. Moderation right?

Hey did you hear about HP? I just saw this today.

2 Raw Sisters said...

Did you hear about Harry Potter??? They pushed it back until July 2009!! I'm so mad I was so looking forward to it!! Lasagna looks really good!!


Valine said...

your lasagne looks amazing sb!!! x

HiHoRosie said...

Mmmm...I want some peach pie!

becoming whole said...

So glad you seem to be better now. Glad Blanche didn't seemed to be bothered after. Your dinner looks yum!

Aimee (Bitt) said...

glad blanche is ok. poor baby. i found this really cool kids book that is pro-pit bull today. so cool.