Saturday, July 5, 2008

produce and more

This week I wised up and got cases of produce instead of single items on all of the things I can freeze to make smoothies, and tomatoes to dry to make sauce. I am not sure how long "sun" dried tomatoes keep but I am betting on at least a few weeks in the fridge... If they last that long. I got 38lbs of bananas. That is a shit ton of bananas. Unfortunately none are ripe yet :(
I got 12lbs of strawberries and about the same of tomatoes and raspberries. Oh and 10lbs of mango. I found that you can save over 65% if you buy at the case price. Of course I did spend 5 hours the day I got my produce preparing my greens for salads, fruit for freezing, and tomatoes to dry.
I also got a coconut. It was a great one and I have gotten coconut opening down to a science.
1) refridgerate coconut overnight to firm up meat
2) using power drill make two holes in the eyes to drain out the juice.
3) using machette crack open the shell and hopefully your coconut will come right out whole because it is nice and cold from the fridge.

I spent a lot of money on food this week, but all in an effort to make things less expensive and less time consuming. I figure the 5 hours of work I did the other day will save me at least 7 in the next 2 weeks. Plus 1.40$ per mango!


2 Raw Sisters said...

were did you buy all your produce was it at a wholesale place like Sam's? It looks really yummy!


2 Raw Sisters said...

God I'd love not to have a car. I live in Arlington, Tx (about 20 miles from Dallas)and we are the largest city in the country w/o a public transportation system. Everything is so far and we don't even have bike lanes. As soon as I get my degree I'm moving to a more eco city so I don't have to rely on a car.