Monday, June 30, 2008

mile marker 119

So this morning after the lazy dog and I took a nice walk around the lake I stepped on the scale to find I had FINALLY broken out of the 120's. It's kinda a big deal for me. Of course as soon as I have some breakfast I will be back into the 120's but I feel like it's really a big mile marker for me. I only want to loose 5 more lbs and I am down 7 already so I don't have much to go. I know maybe some people out there are going "120! you are already a stick! Call the eating disorder clinic!" but really I AM 4'11" If I make it to 115 I will still be at the high end of average weight for a person my height.
I really don't want to loose any muscle and I hope I haven't so far. It is hard to tell. I know I have lost SOME fat but I hope no muscle. Anyway, that's that. Just a little pat on my own back for sticking to this healthy lifestyle change so far.

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Danieal & Shalee said...

Hi Sarabeth,

Well I'm not a dietition yet (still in school) but to answer your question on protein and what I do for myself might help some. There is alot of different info in the raw food world about this. For me a try to stay around 10% protein from the total calories I eat in a day. I also try to keep my fat at 10% also. I'm still new to all the raw food stuff but most of our calories should come from fruit and veggies.

115-pound woman:41.5g protein
0.36 grams of protein x 115 pound= 41.5 grams of protein per day.

41.5 grams of protein contain approx. 166 calories
(41.5 x 4= 180)

For regular activity and your eating about 1800 calories per day, this is the amount of protein that would come to 10% for the total day.

You might want to use an online food diary site to track what you eat for a few days to get your % totals to find out how much you are getting. Nutridiary is a good one here is there link also the 80/10/10 diet book is a really good resource by Dr. Douglas Graham.

P.S. My sister puts a hemp protein powder in her green smoothies in the morning that she says helps her.