Saturday, July 5, 2008

BBQ's on a raw diet: my synopsis

Being that the 4th of July seems to be the national BBQ holiday I obviously was invited to a vegan BBQ. I make most of my food at home or go to a raw restaurant if I eat out. Yesterday was the first day at a food related social gathering since joining the cult.
I was smart in that I prepared burger patties (PECAN-CARROT BURGERS from GONERAW, DELICIOUS!!!) and made myself my own little burgers to take... However I only brought 2, I probably should have brought 3 and then waited to eat them until everyone else was eating instead of gobbling them all down when I first got there.
I also brought a little fruit..
Maybe I am used to having the luxury of being a vegan with almost exclusively vegan friends, but I am completely accustomed to being able to eat everything at the table. I pretty much couldn't eat anything. I brought some coconut spears, there were some carrots and broccoli, that's about it. The salsa was packaged and had citric acid in it, so even if it was otherwise raw I couldn't eat it, the guacamole had some salsa in it (I ate a little anyway, please don't call the raw police on me!) there was vegan ranch dip, fancy lemonade punch (with sugar), salads with cooked rice and pasta in them, BBQ'd veggies, strawberry shortcake with ice cream... None of that I could eat.
What I missed the most was potato chips, which I only ever ate at bbq's... There are really no raw substitutes I have found. You?
It wasn't a total wash as I did bring enough that I wasn't hungry, but I learned my lesson. Next time I will be prepared because a raw diet isn't one of sacrifice. There are ton's of wonderful things to eat, I just didn't have them on hand.
Next time:
Delicious Beverage
Save the burgers until burger time
Tasty dip and something to dip in it
A fruit salad
A green snack
Sweet dessert

I WILL be ready

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