Friday, July 11, 2008

beautiful morning

I am going in an hour late to work today (which isn't entirly unusual for me to do on my late days) I have to stay til after 4 today so I figured I go in at 8 to make it an 8 hour shift as opposed to 9. The dog is "hounding" me for a walk right now. She's goin "mom, why are you just sitting there when we could be out smelling things in the sun?!" I guess she is right. So I just want to say quickly before we go "smell things" that I went to the second yoga class in my early morning series yesterday and it was great. It was much more challenging than my first class and we did back bends and hip opening exersizes which are totally my areas of improvement (my chest and hips are very tight) so it was perfect. I left class feeling like I had springs in my legs :)


2 Raw Sisters said...

No I haven't gone to Juliano's but I really want to. I have some family in Cali that I'll be visting soon and I'm going to try to get them to go.


HiHoRosie said...

Good puppy! :)

The taco meat recipe I use is a modified version of the one found in Raw Food Real World if you have that recipe book. You're supposed to dehydrate the "meat" for awhile I never have because the minute I make is the minute we start eating it but one of these days I'd like to make it a bit more proper. I'm sure it's good that way. Anyway, I have the recipe at home (at work now - tsk tsk that I'm doing personal things when supposed to be working) and can email it to you later.

jessica said...

sweet doggy. hope you had a good walk and smelling in the sun.