Tuesday, July 8, 2008

And for my next meal... (yes this is my 3rd post today)

Because all I have done today, besides that easy breazy yoga class, is eat and prepare food, I decided to post about my next meal which I will be eating in one hour, when it gets done warming in the ol' dehydrator.
On my shopping expidition the other day I went to madison market on capitol hill which is known to have the best raw food department in the city. I must say it is true. They have a bunch of different dehydrated crackers, which I didn't buy cause I can make them at home, and they have hummus (livinspoonful, portland oregon), almond butters, raw salsas and guacamole, OLIVES, you get the idea. Good stuff I tell ya. I obviously went JUST for the olives but I also got some delicious hummus while I was there.
So does anyone else have certain items that make or break a meal? What I mean by that is: A hamburger isn't a hamburger unless it has pickles. Or pizza=pinapple... I have a few of these things, some of which I have just had to get over for the sake of my sanity in the raw food world. 1 thing I WILL NOT, at least not yet, part with is my nutritional yeast on any pasta item. Spaghetti= Nutritional Yeast, well and olives.
I know nutritional yeast is not raw, but come on people, the name says it all "NUTRITIONAL". That means it is good for me. Plus it beats taking a b12 supplement. And well, it's delicious. After 10 years of being vegan there are certain comfort foods I have learned to hold close. The yeast is the one I don't want to quit.
At least I got raw olives.
Does anyone else have these few non-raw items they have decided to keep in rotation? Like NY or Namu Shoya, Miso, Balsamic Vinegar? Do you plan to give them up someday or intend to keep em around?
PS I will be learning to make raw pickles some time in the near future... just you wait


2 Raw Sisters said...

I've never tried nutritional yeast before. Does it really have that "cheese" taste to it? I used to love cheese and yogurt and then I found out I had a dairy allergy last December and that's what pushed me to go Vegan at first. The picture looks great it looks so good. So does the icecream!!

HiHoRosie said...

We use nutritional yeast often, mustard (organic), all the varieties of spices, balsamic vinegar (mmm), some hot sauce or salsas, nama shoyu, etc. Our main foods are raw but some of the condiments and spices however are not. I don't worry about that sort of stuff. They're miniscule amounts anyway.

With the nutritional yeast so do you sprinkle that on your noodles then? I use ny in "parmesan cheese" that I put on top of my pastas. Yummy!

I didn't know about Madison Market had raw stuff. I've been past it so next time I'm in the area I'll have to stop in there.

Hey, aren't Bubbies pickles raw? I thought I heard that. They sure are good!