Saturday, August 9, 2008

raw fu friends!

I have been fighting with the internet for two days now... hopefully today it will work and post my blog!
(this was last night)
Got together with some lovelye Raw FU'ers and partners last night and it was awesome. I was very happy to meet people who I had gotten to know so well in digital, and find that I liked them even more in REAL LIFE. We had a great meal at chaco and talked for hours afterwards. Half the time there were up to three conversations happening simultaneously across the table.
It was also really nice to talk to other raw foodies and not feel like the odd one out because all I want to talk about is raw cacao!
Here's all my happy, beautiful, new raw friends... You can find all of their blogs listed to the right of this post. Yardsnacker, HiHoRosie's Place, Bitt's Blog, and Lola Bloom! "This is WAY more fun than the internet!" -Yardy
I am capping off my evening with some chococado pudding. I tried to convince myself it was ice cream by putting toppings on it... some of you may remember I am out of ice cream because I ATE IT ALL the other morning.
ChacoCado Puddin:
1 Avocado
Cacao powder and agave to taste (approximately 1/8c each, but more depending on the size of the avo!)... mix it all up=yum
It is best when you blend it because it will be smoooth and more chocolate puddingy. I just mashed it with a fork cause I was feeling lazy!
I also added a spoonful of coconut butter... you know me.

Yesterday I also got to meet my moms new puppy, shelby. She is an adorable 4 month old Bouvier.

Very sweet and fuzzy!


Aimee (Bitt) said...

It was great to meet you too!

I love that pic of you and the puppy. So cute.

HiHoRosie said...

What an adorable puppy!!! I want one of those too (with a slice of choco-pie)

It was so fun meeting you and the others. Who knew something like this would happen?! I didn't.

yardsnacker said...

lol on the Yardsnackin' quote. lol You are an amazing cook. We are going to start stalking you. Hey if you know about it in advance, it's not a crime right? :)

Isle Dance said...

Love it all! Wee! Lucky you! :o)

becoming whole said...

Love the Booby! I use to have a black Giant Schnauzer. They are a lot alike. He was an awesome dog.