Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Satisfying Dinner

I had an awesome but pretty simple dinner tonight. I guess not THAT simple but relatively so. I made a raw "taco salad" and a RBG smoothie.
For my Taco Salad I set down a bed of mixed greens with romaine, chard, and green leaf lettuce, I topped it with guacamole I made yesterday with avo, red onion, lime juice, sea salt, cilantro, and grape tomato's. I also picked up some fresh salsa today on my shopping trip. So I put a big scoop of that on too. Finally a chance to use the dehydrated corn chips I made from everyday raw for their intended purpose!
My Red Blue Green Smoothie was 1 small sized banana, a handful of blue berries (frozen), a handful of strawberries, and a couple of raspberries (frozen), 2 ice cubes of my young coconut water/meat mix, and 1/2 t of spirulina. I added a tiny bit of water to get it moving, then blended it until smooth.
For being just greens, salsa, and guac, my salad was very tasty and satisfying. The chips were very good in it and a nice filling addition. I drank my smoothie first... At juliano's restaurant the nice and cute server girl told us that they serve desert and smoothies first, soups next, and entrees last. They do it because the sweet pureed stuff is the easiest to digest and they get your stomach and pancreas moving, so you are better able to digest the more fibrous foods/dehydrated foods in your entree. I like this philosophy, more so because I can't wait to eat dessert, but the fact that it makes sense helps.
For my real dessert tonight I am going to have some watermelon I cut up earlier and marinated in lime juice and agave. YUM!

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