Sunday, June 22, 2008


so, the big news in my life... I got a dehydrator! which is awesome because it gives me the option of gently "cooking" food. I can make breads, and crackers, and soften my vegetables like broccoli which are hard for me to digest. I am trying to take it a little easy with eating the dehydrated foods because I know if I go overboard it wont be healthy and will probably give me a tummy ache, buuut it sure is nice to have a pizza crust. So far I have made corn chips from everyday raw, which are good but I think could be better, I may tweak it a little bit next time... And I made pizza crusts from juliano's RAW: the uncook book. They turned out great. I made a pizza with sundried tomato and carrot juice, used the spring onion cheese recipe from, which rules... and added marinated mushrooms, olives (not really raw ones, eek! I cheated), and parsley on top. Yum! If anyone is interested in any of the recipes I used for my pizza let me know :)

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