Friday, June 13, 2008

Mary's Secret Garden

Had a delicious meal at Mary's in Ventura tonight. I ordered the Rawviolis which were "jicama sheets filled with itallian herbed almond cheese topped with bell pepper marinara and basil pesto garnished with baby mixed greens and cherry tomatos". The cheese was GREAT and the bell pepper marinara was smooth and rich. Here's a link to the menu if you want to check it out MARY'S SECRET GARDEN For desert I had the Special which was a Raw German Chocolate Cake with Coconut Ice Cream. I attempted to take a picure, see above, but my camera phone wasn't great. It is SO good, especialy the coconut ice cram and chocolate ganache. The cake was great too but considering I am allergic to walnuts and it was packed full of them it was a little pain with my pleasure. I bought a pint of the coconut ice cream I will have to finish by tomorrow night. Alex said he would help ;)

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