Monday, April 20, 2009

living the life...

Yesterday was the 4th birthday of Blanche the "Angel of Deaf" *cough*SLAYER*cough*
As you can see, she spends most of her day contemplating her place on earth and the meaning of life... which she has indicated is Food, Naps, Toys and Loves. In that order. I can't imagine my life without her.
She and I have a lot in common... Specifically our love of food and eating. Today was my day off work and I took the opportunity to do what I normally like to do on my days off: Emotional eating. Today's lunch was so luxurious and flavorful. Perfect for our 73 degree weather, I ate out on the porch and revelled in it. Most all my eating is to feel good. Either ease hunger, satisfy a craving, or treat myself to something special. Today it was all three.

Lunch was zucchini noodles tomato and shallot tossed in basil/olive oil dressing... so fresh and filling and subtle yet savory Dessert being Sliced Mango marinated with Sweet Ginger Syrup... topped with coconut mmmmm
As Stacey would type "MLR" (my life rules)


Mandy said...

Sooo cute! I to, am counting the days for the NEW Harry Potter!
Love the blog, the food looks delish! I think I saw you on utube once, taught me how to sprout.

bitt said...

happy birthday blanche!!! i hope you gave her a donut.

HiHoRosie said...

YUM! I'll take them both. I'll def have to try the zucchini dish. Looks and sounds awesome.

carey said...

"Angel of deaf" I love it!! How come I didn't know it was Blanche's bday!? Me and Buck are picking out gifts right now!!

Cheriepicked said...

Just found your site...its lovely. Your food looks damn delicious dear.